December 1990 – Fokkina McDonnell


I see myself on the Great Wall of China.  

The guide had told us to turn left 

for better pictures.  My three friends

briefly climbed; they’re back in the café. 

The steps are steep.  I’ve gone past

the corner where a man sells postcards.

No-one else chooses to walk this far.

It’s winter, sunny, but I do not feel the cold.

I walk to where I can go no further,

see the landscape beyond, a line of broken stones.

They say this wall can be seen from the moon.

I know, looking back, that ecstasy is close to dying.

My brief bio: Fokkina McDonnell’s poems have been widely anthologised, published online and in magazines. Her debut collection Another life was published by Oversteps Books (2016) and Indigo Dreams have just published her second collection Nothing serious, nothing dangerous.  Fokkina blogs at

Image by JLB1988 from Pixabay

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