Welcome to Acacia Publications. I am a poet and writer and have just retired from my  day job as a psychotherapist.

Why the acacia? For many, many years the giraffe has been my totem animal. The giraffe is the tallest mammal, a New Age symbol for intuition and flexibility. It is a sociable, peaceful animal, though a kick of its leg can shatter a lion’s skull. Giraffes have been roaming the savannahs of Africa for at least a million years. Their long tongues are specially adapted to coil around the thorns of the acacia tree.

Fokkina McDonnell - Poetry Reading

Poetry Reading with Fokkina McDonnell, Manchester

My early writing success – for fiction and non-fiction – was in the late 80’s when a poem gained a Certificate of Merit in a competition and I was paid £250 for a winning essay. Then I didn’t write for a long period – I survived like that giraffe. In recent years I have attended workshops with the Poetry School and was selected to join the Writing School with Ann and Peter Sansom. I have learned a great deal from giving and receiving focused feedback, and reading widely has pushed me out of that comfort zone. My poems have been broadcast, as well as published in magazines and anthologies. A number have been shortlisted, commended and placed in competitions. My debut collection Another life was published by Oversteps Books in November 2016.

On this site I will be sharing my own poems and work by other poets, and my interests and discoveries through the blog.