A Stolen Hour

In Spring 2020 a pamphlet A Stolen Hour was published by Grey Hen Press. The sculpture on the cover is by Henry Moore and can be found at Snape Maltings, Suffolk.

The poem A Stolen Hour is available on the poem pages.

A-Stolen-Hour-Cover (1)
“A Stolen Hour” pamphlet published by Grey Hen Press in Spring 2020

The pamphlet received glowing endorsements from the poets Carole Bromley and from Alwyn Marriage. They are also on the Grey Hen Press website.

Having published Fokkina McDonnell’s first collection with Oversteps Books Ltd in 2016, I was delighted to see this pamphlet and enjoy more of her work. Poetry that reminisces about the past can sometimes fail to appeal in the present; but that is certainly not the case with this short collection, in which McDonnell entices the reader to enter fully into the event commemorated, to meet the person remembered, or to appreciate the work of art she is celebrating. I felt drawn into each of her poems.”     
Alwyn Marriage

What a delight to read this latest pamphlet of poetry by Fokkina McDonnell, a poet I have long admired and loved. It is a strong and varied collection. There are poems which show evidence of the poet’s empathy and insight, others are concerned with childhood and family and there is a strong group of ekphrastic poems which are particularly impressive. Confidently written, with economy and precision, moving, witty. By the end, I wanted to start again at the beginning.” 
Carole Bromley