Cromer, August – Fokkina McDonnell

Very pleased to have this poem getting a wider readership!


Curved around Cromer Pier a twitching mass of legs, 

sturdy calves, socks, sandals.  Fathers scoop up bait, 

wind black thread onto pink plastic spools.

An old couple, in matching anoraks,

watch a thin man, wheel-chair bound.

He shakily lifts his thermos flask.

I thought of you then and the creaking stair lift,

the plastic roll-up seat, raising her in and out of the bath.

The small wooden cart you made

so she can travel through the orchard

inspecting the new fruit with her crooked hands.

This was published in The Pocket Poetry Book of Love, Paper Swans Press, 2018.

I’m based in Manchester, UK.  My poems have been widely anthologised and published in a range of magazines. My first collection Another Life was published by Oversteps Books (2016) and a second collection Nothing serious, nothing dangerous will be published this autumn by Indigo Dreams.

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