Broken biscuits

I’m chuffed to learn that my prose poem Broken biscuits has made it into an anthology of poems about Yorkshire, published by Valley Press.  The proofs came through the other day.  I am in good company with many well-known poets including the current Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy.

The launch is in Leeds on Saturday 18 March, a few days after I’m launching Another life in the International Anthony Burgess Foundation here in Manchester.  A good many poems in the book were written there in the Engine Room.

I admire those poets who perform a piece from memory.  I’ve decided to learn Broken biscuits well enough so I can perform it from memory: Is there poetry in broken biscuits?  Discuss.  The short answer is yes, provided it is articulated in the unashamedly Yorkshire, tongue-in-cheek, twinkle-in-the-voice tones of … (insert name of a very well-known poet living in Barnsley)…

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