Covent Garden tube station


Covent Garden tube station and Manchester Cathedral is where you could have heard my poems this month.  My poem This too is art was one of six winners in the quarterly competition for members of the Poetry Society.  I gave permission for it to be printed and handed out to people passing their stand.  Along with some of the other winning poems on the theme of ‘Messages’ it was recorded by staff and played all day on National Poetry Day (6 October) in Covent Garden tube station – ticket office, lift, platforms – just like any other announcement.  One feels for the staff in the ticket office!

I always enter the annual Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition.  It’s local and any money left goes to charity.  This year one of the three I sent was Highly Commended by Jo Bell.  She read after Michael Symmons Roberts delivered his talk on Poetry and Religion. It’s a slightly daunting venue, but the poet-in-residence Rachel Mann put everyone at ease and it was a great experience.

My lucky streak in competitions has ended: nothing in the Torbay and Buxton.  But the collection is definitely being published this year!  It’s all done; just waiting for two poets to send some kind words for the back cover…

1 thought on “Covent Garden tube station

  1. hp

    Congratulations on getting your poem read all day at Covent Garden tube station – a unique opportunity! 🙂 Also, well done on getting selected in the Manchester Cathedral Poetry Competition. Looking forward to the collection!



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