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My debut collection was published in November 2016.  Some of the 50 poems in the book are published on this site.  Over half of the poems had previously been published in poetry magazines and anthologies.  Below are quotes from the testimonials by three poets who have all been published widely, with pamphlets and collections to their name.

“..This is an overdue and enriching first collection, with incidentally a fascinating European edge to her poetic voice and its explorations.” (Christopher North)

“Fokkina McDonnell’s poetry has a strong sense of place and a deep humanity lightened by touches of a wicked sense of humour.  Here are poems which travel, in reality or in the mind”.  (Carole Bromley)

“There is a delicate intimacy in Fokkina McDonnell’s poetry.  She catches moment, place, character and feeling with poignantly crafted simplicity.  There’s wit and humour – then, with deft, economical choice of detail, there are unforeseen swerves that reach the heart.”  (Gina Wilson)

Noel Williams, the Review Editor of Orbis has published a positive review in # 178, Winter 2016 under the heading A deep cupboard in a dark roomSome quotes: “…there’s a variety of forays in different directions, each leading to different pleasures for the reader.”  … “Wit and sideways glances work well with quirky subjects or unusual prompts. The poet can be happily surreal.” … “In other examples there’s a dislocation of viewpoint which leads to unexpected insight or imagery..” … “Many of the pieces do not explain themselves.  Their surface pleasures seem to suggest a further significance which can only be guessed at; a meaning hidden in a secret chamber which may turn out to be a different revelation for different readers.”

The Journal #51 includes a short, positive review by Andy Hickmott: “The poems betray her professional interest in psychotherapy (the opening poem is titled The Vienna of Sigmund Freud). By the third poem we read ‘These are the known facts: all of us keep / a black bear in a cage. Or black dogs on a lead’ (Facts).  Other poems exhibit subtlety and insight.  “…On the whole this is a very fine collection of thoughtful poems. ”

I also have poems in several anthologies that appeared in 2017 and 2018.  These were published by Paper Swans Press, Valley Press, Grey Hen Press, Ek Zuban and erbacce press.  The anthology Gazing at Gaia was produced by the Manchester Buddhist Centre.  In 2019 Indigo Dreams published For The Silent, an anthology to aid the work of the League Against Cruel Sports.  It includes my poem Tanzanite.

Yorkshire Anthology

Anthology of Yorkshire poetry

Building Bridges cover

Building Bridges

Songs for the Unsung

Songs for the Unsung

Best of Britain

Best of Britain

Love Anthology of Love poemsmedit

Pocket Poetry Book of Love

Gazing at Gaia

Gazing at Gaia

cover NHS book

Our Beating Heart


For The Silent

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