Still casting a shadow

The poem was commended in the 2012 Ware Poets competition, judged by Dean Parkin. It was published in the competition pamphlet produced by Rockingham Press.

Still casting a shadow

Two unused scratch cards, with the faintest whiff of orange.
Found on the floor of the Lowry, Salford after a performance
of The Love for Three Oranges by Opera North. Purchased
on Ebay and donated by J Smith Esq.


Patina and Pathos. Today’s lecture has been cancelled due
(rest of notice torn off)


Scale drawings and recipe for three-tiered wedding cake: SEX, three
wedding cakes in the shape of capital letters S, E and X, with red,
white and blue marzipan. Decorated with 24 small edible doves and
placed in a French sleigh bed made of walnut.


Spot the difference competition. Place your feet on the white X on the
gallery floor for the best vantage point. Spot the differences between
the wax model of an attendant and the live guard (seated). Put your
form in the box.


Bronze box, still casting a shadow, with burnished lid, bronze hinges
and clasp, key missing. Age of box indeterminate, size varies daily
depending on the swelling and shrinking of contents.

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