• Poetry Business – Ann and Peter Sansom run monthly writing days in Sheffield. They publish the magazine the North and books, pamphlets, audio and ebooks under the smith/doorstop imprint.
  • – Josephine Corcoran did a marvellous job showcasing other poets’ work. She no longer posts on a daily basis, but the archives are still there.
  • Julie Mellor – Julie is a fellow student on the current Writing School. On her site she showcases the work of other poets.
  • Noel Williams – I met Noel on the first Writing School I attended. He has been widely published and gained many awards for his poems. Many of these poems are on his website.
  • Blogs by Jo Bell – Jo Bell’s blogs are inspiring.
  • The Poetry Society – The leading UK membership organisation to promote the study, use and enjoyment of poetry.
  • poem-a-day – sign up for a poem a day from the Academy of American Poets.  Weekday poems are by contemporary US poets and w/end ones by dead ones.



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