I was introduced to writing haiku and tanka in the early 90s and have since had work published in magazines (print and on-line) in the UK and abroad. I have introduced other poets to haiku, tanka and collaborative sequences such as renga/renku.

I am available to provide coaching sessions, for individuals as well as groups, on the main principles of writing “traditional” haiku, such as the importance of season and cutting words.

Performance Coaching

I have worked with a number of amateur and professional actors, singers and musicians who had serious performance anxiety issues.  Some had always suffered anxiety before their performance, while for others it resulted from panic attacks while travelling abroad, or from an unsuccessful audition.


During a career spanning over 30 years I provided a range of assessment and development services to private individuals and companies, initially as an Occupational Psychologist and Management Consultant.  Then I retrained and for the last 20 years I practised as a UKCP registered psychotherapist and, since 2009, as an EMDR Consultant. In the same year I completed training as an EMDR Facilitator and regularly assisted on the Accredited EMDR trainings in the UK for registered mental health professionals.

I have a BSc in Psychology, BA with the Open University, MA in Occupational Psychology, and have relevant qualifications: a Certificate in Supervision (2005), NLP Master Practitioner (1993), Certificate in Life Coaching (2005) and a Diploma in Performance Coaching (2005).


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