I was introduced to writing haiku and tanka in the early 1990s and have since had work published in magazines (printed and on-line) in the UK and abroad. I have written a number of reviews of anthologies and collections for magazine Presence. I have introduced other poets to haiku, tanka and collaborative sequences such as renga/renku.

I am available to provide coaching sessions, for individuals as well as small groups, on the main principles of writing “traditional” haiku, such as the importance of season and cutting words.


I currently provide mentoring at different levels: to people who are fairly new to writing poetry, as well as individuals who are experiencing writers block or want help putting together a pamphlet or collection.  Mentoring can be a combination of face-to-face meetings with email support.


During a career spanning over 30 years I provided a range of assessment and development services to private individuals and companies, initially as an Occupational Psychologist and Management Consultant.  Then I retrained and for the last 20 years I practised as a UKCP registered psychotherapist and, since 2009, as an EMDR Consultant. In the same year I completed training as an EMDR Facilitator and regularly assisted on the Accredited EMDR trainings in the UK for registered mental health professionals.

I have a BSc in Psychology, BA with the Open University, MA in Occupational Psychology, and have relevant qualifications: a Certificate in Supervision (2005), NLP Master Practitioner (1993), Certificate in Life Coaching (2005) and a Diploma in Performance Coaching (2005).


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